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July 2006

June 2006

Awesome Rain

Driving home today it was POURING RAIN. Major thunderstorm and we were right in it. Huge bolts in the sky and defeaning thunder. It was awesome. Our driver probably thought I was a bit wacky. Good. I love the weather here.

A New Way Back

Our driver took a new route back to the hotel today. And we found another Camino Real!

And other interesting buildings...

The flags are large here.

When it is your birthday, the company hires a mariachi band to play for you.

La Vida en La Calle.

Life in the street. People work hard in intersections. Selling flowers, candy, cookies, clothes, lottery tickets. I have even seen a guy with a lit torch (like a juggling torch) lighting cigarettes for drivers.

These are city buses. There are bigger ones but these make me smile.

Green is one of my favorite colors.

On the drive home near Estadio Azteca.


It is nice to be in a country that cares about the FIFA world cup. Sadly, Mexico lost on Saturday and is now out. I watched the game while having lunch on my day off. I was in the Zona Rosa and these girls worked in the restaurant where I ate/watched.

Then I walked around Zona Rosa a bit. More colors.

I also saw this restaurant which made me think of "Snobby Noodle" which is funny to me and about 4 other people. Those people who I'm sure aren't reading this blog.