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Teotihuacan Part II

So, as I was trying to say/show last weekend, on the 15th we went to Teotihuacan. Although my dad weighed heavy on my mind, I did enjoy the day very much. It is an amazing place.

Here we are at the start -- our driver and friend Jesus, Kurt and my work colleague Paddy.

Be sure not to wear your high heels to Teotihuacan. (!!!)

By the end of the day, the light had changed and the moon pyramid looked even nicer.

Teotihuacan Part I

So, I had posted a bunch of photos from Teotihuacan on Sunday. A good start. And for some reason, blogger decided to cough it into the trash can. So I have to start again.

But in a way, that's okay because I had to start over.

Kurt came to Mexico City on Thursday. On Friday I found out my father had a heart attack and probably wouldn't live through the weekend. On Saturday Kurt, our driver Jesus, and my work colleague, Paddy, and I went to Teotihuacan.

On Sunday night, my father died.

Teotihuacan is a powerful, beautiful place. The main road through it is called "Calle de los Muertos" or the Street of the Dead. It felt right to be in such an ancient place while thinking of my father leaving this world. While sitting atop the Pyramid of the Moon and gazing toward the Pyramid of the Sun, my colleague Paddy took this photo:

And I'm so glad he did as it is a great memory of that time. Of this time and place. Thank you for the photo, Paddy.

I was looking from the moon to the sun. From the dark side of the moon to the bright sun, the future, the light. The past will always be there, my father will always be there but the future, the light is a magnetic, wonderful force, drawing me closer to all my hopes and dreams and desires.

I climbed the Moon but I didn't climb the Sun. It is not quite time yet. Since I was in a limbo -- waiting for news about Dad -- it didn't feel right to climb the Sun. But now, the limbo is over and I will go again and climb it and look out, past the Calle de los Muertos and revel in my bright bright future.


(Click each to enlarge for better view. No, I couldn't be bothered to crop.)

On the drive home today:

While driving to a meeting the other day (Can you see it?!):

On Sunday, this fellow was just cruising through our location:

Chatting and Coyoacan

Yesterday I was in my waiting area, waiting. I was also online, chatting with friends and my husband. These girls came along, right next to me, they were 10, 11 or 12 and cute. I said hi to them and they said hi back and how was I and what was I doing. All of this in spanish, of course, I rule. I said I was chatting, but I didn't know what that was in Spanish so I said "chatting" and they all nodded, Si, tu estas chatiando.

Chatiando! I love it.


I forgot to include the statue in the middle of the plaza in Coyoacan. I know you've been dying to see it.