Puebla -- Graffiti
Driving Home from Puebla

Going to Puebla

On Monday the crew went to Puebla for 3 days. We left early on Monday morning and watched the sun rise as we drove over the hills.

The sky was clear and so we had a great view of the two big mountains around Mexico City. The first we saw was Iztaccíhuatl (Paddy will tell you to pronounce like "It's a sea wattle!" and then he will succumb to laughing so hard he can't breathe. I don't know why...) Here is more on it via Wikipedia

As we drove along, Popocatepetl came into a view. Beautiful active volcano. There was a small plume of smoke coming out of it. Here is more info from the Wikipedia site.

And a nice view of them both (at the toll booth).

When we got into Puebla we checked into our hotel -- GUESS WHICH ONE?!!? That's right, the Camino Real Puebla. It was quite different from the one in Mexico. Look:

(Tomorrow we are going to Cuernavaca for one night and staying at, you guessed it, the Camino Real Cuernavaca.)

The historic center, where we were, is great. Full of historical buildings and colors and churches.

There is a lot of god here too. Someone said 365 churches, one for every day. Seemed true as there were churches every where you turned. This reminded me of
the town of Ohrid in Macedonia. They have 365 churches as well.

One of the things I saw in most of these churches was this statue:


There were many religious stores, like this one, where all your Jesus and Mary needs are met:

And I know Kurt would like this place: