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November 2006

Oh, and Cleveland Too!

It's been such a year, I almost entirely forgot that I went to Cleveland for two weeks for 2nd Unit on Spiderman 3. Here I am, taking my own picture with my camera phone.

Don't let the bright sun fool you, it was facking FREEZING in Cleveland in April. But I was lucky in that our location was one long street -- our hotel at one end and a Starbucks at the other. Joy. Oh, and we got to have our own golf cart to drive up and the down the mile.

In Paris Last Month

We spent three nights in Paris in October as well. Here we are at dinner our first night. Perfect weather to sit outside and eat lovely french food. Inside, two tables away from us were two women. When I first looked them I did a double take. It's not a mirror! We spent most of our time with our friends who have a flat in Paris. They were there at the same time. They live on the fifth or sixth floor and have a balcony. Lovely. We went to their local market on Sunday. Kind of busy.

Kensington Gardens

The same day we were in Kensington Gardens, we saw these dogs: There was a squirrel up the tree and the black dog would not move! We stood there to see how long before the dog would move and it was about 5 or 6 minutes. The owner was calling and calling and the dog finally lost the stare down and moved away.

After the park, we had lunch at Wagamama. Kurt posed for the camera to prove to Brian that we went there.

For Jen

I took two photos in London for my sister. I didn't realize that she had opened her own restaurant in London:

And we were in Kensington Gardens one day so I had to take a picture of Diana's house for Jen as Jen is/was a big fan of Di.