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A Scanner Brightly

So I'm reading one of my fave websites today: Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (and it truly is), and found this gorgeous image: The artist is Katinka Matson and she uses a high resolution scanner to create the image.

Knowing my mother would love this a) beccause it's so beautiful and b) because she's a great artist and photographer, I sent her the link, fully expecting to have a version she would have done in my inbox within mere minutes. Well, she wasn't home, so it took an hour or so, but here it came:

I think it is quite lovely.

I plan on doing a few myself tomorrow and over the weekend.

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You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

In January 2006 I read an article in Time Magazine called The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind. It really inspired me. The last paragraph/answer is on my office wall:

Q. What advice can you give us nongeniuses to help us be more creative?

A. Take risks, and expect to make lots of mistakes, because creativity is a numbers game. Work hard, and take frequent breaks, but stay with it over time. Do what you love, because creative breakthroughs take years of hard work. Develop a network of colleagues, and schedule time for freewheeling, unstructured discussions. Most of all, forget those romantic myths that creativity is all about being artsy and gifted and not about hard work. They discourage us because we're waiting for that one full-blown moment of inspiration. And while we're waiting, we may never start working on what we might someday create.

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Crow in my Tree

There is a crow in my big pine tree out back. He's been cawing non stop for about 30 minutes. I went out to look at him, but can't see him. Kind of driving me batty! I can't tell if it's a baby being forced away from mom or something. There is another crow in the tree who isn't cawing, just hanging out.

What is going on?!?!


Signs of Spring

Where I grew up (also click photo), we didn't have much in the way of seasons. We didn't even have daylight savings time. It got a little cooler and rainier in winter and a little hotter in summer, but basically, the weather reports remain the same all year round:

Highs in the 80s
Lows in the 60s
Mauka showers
Tradewinds 10-15 mph

The only way to know when spring (and soon thereafter SUMMER VACATION!) was coming around was the school calendar -- easter break, prom, school elections. It was all on paper, nothing actually looked different.

But then, one day, out of nowhere it would seem, I would catch a glimpse of something like this:

And my teenage soul would sing out -- Summer is coming! Then a moment later my old soul would catch its breath because the trees are so beautiful. Not long after that first sighting, the roads would be alive:

And my school campus would look like this:
(Though this was actually taken at UCLA.)
I didn't know when I moved to LA for college that there were Jacarandas here. I got here in the fall and imagine my utter joy and delight to see them exploding all over town as the school year came to its close. Even in the darkest days of my loathing LA, the Jacarandas would make me smile.

Now, with no school calendar running my life anymore (we don't have kids yet), and even though I live in a place that has only a marginally bigger seasonal change than Maui, I have come to recognize the steps that lead to spring (and then to summer).

First of all, the calla lilies always surprise me by coming out in January and February. Then, the mockingbirds would start piping up.

Soon, what were just a bunch of sticks wrapped around your trellis becomes this:

The Jacarandas will not be far behind and I will be so glad that I get to be home this summer to make up for all the BBQs and parties we didn't have last summer (see the beginnings of this blog-June, July and August 2006 to see why). I can't wait to sit outside on warm nights -- warm but still cool enough to light the fire in our funky outdoor fireplace. I missed it so much last year.

With the wisteria blooming, that also means time to start getting our veggie garden in order -- basil, tomatoes, flat leaf parsley.


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I'm a huge fan of this little guy. There was a short article about how famous he is now. Read it here. (From yahoo news.) My favorite part of the article is the last line: Annie Leibovitz, photographer to the stars, has already been to the zoo to take Knut's portrait for an environmental campaign.

Knut rules. And OMG he's so cute.

Speaking of cute -- have you all been to one of my all time favorite websites?

Great Quote

I don't embrace trouble; that's as bad as treating it as an enemy. But I do say meet it as a friend, for you'll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it. --Oliver Wendell Holmes

To the left you may notice quotes of the day. I saw the above one today and wanted to keep it handy.