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June 2007

Slideluck Potshow

I just got an email--I'm In! My photos will be part of the SlideLuck PotShow tomorrow night. I'm very excited about this. Some of the photos you saw here first at the very start of this blog.

Friday June 29th
7:00 Potluck, 9:00 Slideshow
Anthony Nex Studio in Culver City
Please Bring Food & Drinks
(Check out the link to the show for more food/drink details.)

I'll tell you how it goes!

And a HUGE thanks to Emily for kicking me in the behind to get those photos in. Thank you Emily!


Important Safety Instructions

I bought a new hairdryer yesterday. Big day. The old one literally blew up. Well, "blew up" is a bit overboard but it did snap, crackle and pop and then was dead. Anywho, I got the new one and noticed there were many many instructions and wondered how many a person needs. There were the usual: DO NOT use while bathing and DO NOT use near, place in, or drop into water or other liquid. (what other liquid would that be?)

But the one that just blew my mind (pun intended) was this one:
Never use while sleeping


I'm all for effeciency and multi-tasking but, um, wtf?


Of Prairie Dogs and Viral Phenomena

From Wikipedia: Viral--An object, even a non-material object, is considered to be viral when it has the ability to spread copies of itself or change other similar objects to become more like itself when those objects are simply exposed to the viral object.

I originally got it from Mary. I posted it. We all started seeing it in many many places. This morning, Will posted his own version of it (points for making more!) and he included this link to many more versions. Whew. I love the series of tubes. These interwebs. Not a truck, but a viral information superhighway.

I haven't watched them all, but I like this one most this morning:


Funny thing, the internet. So I was reading various wikipedia entries regarding viral phenomena and linked to the viral video page. It listed videos that became ginormous and blasted YouTube into our lives: Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa, and Lazy Sunday. It also mentioned one I had never heard of or seen before: "Dancing Cadet." So I had to see it. Harmless fun really:

It reminded me immediately of this:

Q-tip. Q-tip. And throw it away.
You can noooooot stop this.


The Desert

We went to La Quinta this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. There were nine of us in two rented condos. We got caught up, laughed, made pizza, drank beer, played Wii tennis as well as real tennis. There was a lot of poolside lounging as well.

Here is the view from our condo:

I'm not a huge fan of the desert. There are lovely things about it, but not enough to make me want to live there, ever. Oh, and in the summer it is really hot. I don't like hot. Yes yes, it is a dry heat and that does make a difference. (In August 2005 I spent a couple of days on a location scout outside Richmond Virginia. We walked around Colonial Williamsburg and surrounding fields for hours in the sun. It was probably 90 or 95 and about 3000% humidity. That was just ridiculous and I don't know how people get used to that.)

I did like the look of the sharp rocky hills around the city of La Quinta with the palm trees in front and faded blue sky.

But not enough to live there.

I haven't been out to the Palm Springs area in at least eight or ten years so I had to take the obligatory photo of the windmills. They fascinate me. I could watch them spin all day.

Also on the way we saw this strange beast being towed. Our car expert friend on the trip said he didn't know what it was. Some created race car. Anyone know what this is?

No matter what the temperature, it is always nice to spend time with friends.

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