Welcome To My New Pad!
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The Plaster Guys are here

The plaster team is here to patch the holes left by the plumber (as planned) and now the house is full of dust again. The cats are peeved because they are stuck in the bedroom and I'm sure they feel they are being punished. Oh well.

After the plaster has dried and all is well, then we will pick paint color for the pantry to match the floor tiles we are getting from MiYO Flooring. On the Shared Designs page you can see our designs for each part of the kitchen. First there is "striped checkerboard" for the pantry/laundry room. Then there is "random flowers" for the kitchen area.

Miyo was the only modern, fun, do-it yourself flooring we could find for a budget. The stuff at Home Depot and elsewhere is so ugly. We already have ugly floors and we want fun/cool/not expensive. Looking forward to them coming.