Up In No. Cal Again
Today Is Christmas Adam

New Millennium Holiday Pet Peeve

I love the holidays, the lights, the cool weather, the music, the shopping (I do mine early) and the giving. The mail is much more fun this time of year as well with all the holiday cards that come. But here is where I get a bit scroogey: It annoys me that so many people send holiday photo cards and don't write one thing on them. I imagine all these people out there thinking, "Oh god, we have to have our cutest kids out there for holiday cards!!" So they take a photo of the darling little ones and then send that photo to shuttefly or costco or where ever and have 40 jillion made then address envelopes with pre printed address labels then shove them all in the post box and whew, we followed the rules and sent out proof of how christmasy we are.

Often times we get cards from people who live far away and who we talk to or email only a few times a year. Since the communications are not many, I would appreciate even just a "Dear Kurt and Julia, Happy Christmas! Love XXXXXXX" Our electrician, cat sitter and yard crew wrote more on their holiday cards to us than some of our oldest friends. Somehow that just doesn't seem quite right.

I would rather get no card at all during the holidays than this "everyone does it, we can't fall behind the Joneses" type of non-communicative communication. Call me old fashioned (YOU'RE OLD FASHIONED!) but a holiday greeting card should have some kind of personalization to it -- I mean AT LEAST SIGN YOUR FREAKIN' NAMES!!

Here endeth my holiday rant.

Merry Christmas otherwise!