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Knut's First Birthday

We Have Flooring in the Pantry!

Okay, it's not quite all done yet.....but so much closer.

Kurt KICKED FLOORING ASS today! Seriously, he really worked hard and I appreciate it. And we learned (relearned?) an important thing today -- Kurt is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more particular about things than me. (For those of you scoring at home, Kurt's a Leo.)

But that's why I love him. Well, that's why I like him, even. He's different than me. And he put down an awesome floor. Look!


See how hard he worked:

All we have left to do in there is:
--some kind of baseboard
--buy new shelves (ikea)
--install new shelves
--put stuff back into the pantry on the shelves
--revel in our awesome new pantry

When it is complete, I'll put up photos of the whole process.

I love our new floor. Thank you Kurt.