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Good-bye First Crew Jacket


Technically it's not a crew jacket but it is the first item of clothing I received as a gift in the film industry. I was working on Alien III as the Visual Effects Coordinator and one of the Fox Producers/Studio Execs we'd worked with very kindly gave these to me and the FX Producer (and others I'm sure) as Thank You gifts toward the end of the project. I was stoked! What a cool cool jacket! I put it on immediately to the quasi-horror of my boss who was way cooler than I was. (Most people are way cooler than me, by the way.) I wore it to dailies, thanking that Exec profusely and took my usual place. David Fincher looked at it and said, "Wow, is Fox so cheap they can't even use Levi jackets for these things?" Having worked with Mr. Fincher for a while on the show, I didn't bat an eye -- we were used to this kind of attitude from the wunderkind. The Exec looked over at David and said, "What kind of thank you gift did you get them, David?" None of us had ever seen David Fincher speechless. 2 gifts in one day!

Not long after, I was on my way to Europe for an undetermined amount of time (turned out to be 3 months) for a travel adventure. I was backpacking/youth hosteling and took this jacket as my warm bit of clothing. I wore it often.

At the Baths in Bath
At the Royal Crescent in Bath. I love Bath. Love it. LLLL OOOO VVVV EEEE it. Someday Kurt and I will stay in the Royal Crescent Hotel and take the waters. (Thanks Mom, for taking me to Bath!)
And by the way, no one has EVER accused me of having any clue about fashion. However, on every train ride and in every museum and mile after mile, I was very very comfortable. My sister made the sunflower dress and I loved wearing it.

Prague also saw me in the jacket in 92, on the Charles Bridge. Ice cream was about 17 cents a cone, but that's not why I have two.

Here's my favorite photo from that trip. This is how I looked getting onto and off of trains, checking into and out of hostels.

The jacket went every where. I remember one early morning in Paris, walking down the sidewalk toward whatever special amazing thing I was going to see that day. One of the street cleaners was sweeping with his old stick broom and said something to me in French, which I don't speak. I'm guessing hello and something else. I said sorry, I don't speak French. He said "American? From where?" And I turned around to show him my jacket and he yelled "Ahhh! Holleeewooood!" And I turned back and smiled and kept walking.

Thank you dear jacket. I had great adventures with you. I have the sweet memories and some great photos. But now you must go and give warmth and shelter to someone else on their own adventures. You can't sit in my closet for another 10 years without ever coming out. Bonne Chance!