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My New Passport Has Arrived

I Updated My Book Blog and Etc.

It's been since January 24 for heaven's sake, but I updated my book blog. It's not like I'm not reading! Check it out: Julia's Bookshelf. Lots of English Countryside shenanigans.

Shana called me earlier to ask about a place to buy a nice birthday gift in Culver City or the Westside for a new acquaintance she was meeting for lunch. I thought immediately of Soaptopia and said, "Does she like Soap?"

We both started laughing because it's a question you just don't hear asked very often.

Do you like soap? Do you like to be clean? Do you like removing dirt?

It reminded me of Eddie Izzard in Dressed to Kill when he's talking about being 13 and first being in love with girls and saying brilliant things like "Do you like bread?"