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Postum Is Dead

PostumAfter 100 years, Kraft is no longer making Postum. Some of you are saying "WTF is Postum?!" I only know what it is (was) because my stepmum, Diane, bought it from time to time. It was a coffee substitute, made from roasted grain and caffeine-free. (What is the point!?) I remember having it when we had to get up early at my dad's house for special occasions, like Easter Sunrise Service. The grown ups had coffee to get them going toward sunrise and us kiddies were given Postum. While I don't remember liking the taste, I'm sure I felt grown up having a "coffee-like" beverage. I do remember clearly not liking to get up for sunrise service though. (Sorry Diane!)

I learned about Postum being no more on NPR the other day. You can listen to the full story here. You can also hear reader letters in response to that story right here.

I had forgotten about it but yesterday I was in the drugstore and overheard a woman ask a salesperson if they sold Postum. She was older, probably in her 70's and with an older friend. I stepped over and said, "I'm sorry to tell you but Kraft doesn't make it any more." She didn't seem wildly disappointed, but she did tell me how much she really liked it.

Amazon still has Postum listed for sale but with the ominous phrase:
Availability: Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.

I also found this POSTUM conversation on the Kraft site. There are some desperate people out there! Someone started the BringBackPostum! blog.

Did you ever drink Postum?