Spring Planting Day 3
Release The Worms!

Spring Planting Day 4

Back to work in the garden, with much help from Kurt who wielded that pick like nobody's business! Thank you Kurt! He cleared away a long stretch along the back wall so I could plant a back row of canna lilies, then a front row of verbena and kangaroo paws and some rosemary on the far left.

We cleared away a section right near Kurt's office door and planted lots of pretty flowers and shrubs. Kurt will have a great view of the changes all spring long.

I also planted summer squash and some mint in this bed:

As well as zuchini and more basil in the other bed (not pictured.)


Tomorrow's afternoon will involve this area and all the grass clearing and tidying we can muster before designing where each pot of pretty flowers go. I bought plants for butterflies and hummingbirds and look forward to their visits in the coming months.

Now my back and legs and hands are quite fatigued! I think a glass of wine is in order...

Thank god for gardens.