Release The Worms!
Spring Planting Day 6 and 7

Spring Planting Day 5

Lillysayshello_2Day five dawned beautifully, especially when I noticed that the asiatic lily decided to open up and say hello. All the worms had made their way down under and are now making mulch for us and living lovely wormy lives.

Instead of tackling the area I pictured yesterday, I decided to do a bit less and plant the orange flowered ice plant out front on the hellstrip (the area between the sidewalk and the curb). I have many plants that don't require much care out there (lantana, freeway daisies, lambs ear, aloe, iris, etc) but one end was neglected so I bought 1/2 a flat of the mini iceplant and whaled away on the grass that had over grown the spot. That was some work. Whew. Here is the final result (They will perk up in the sun tomorrow, I promise.)

For comparison, here is a section that I didn't clear of grass.

I also planted four different kinds of sunflowers in various areas around the house. I chose all tall varieties and planted many along the hellstrip for all our neighbors to enjoy. Can't wait to see this.

The sprinklers got their first work out in months. I adjusted a few and found some that aren't working and will need to make sure the automatic flow is not too much.

I'm happy and tired and already have seen a hummingbird eyeing some of our new plants. Hooray!

(Image of sunflowers from Wikimedia commons.)