Spring Planting Day 5
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Spring Planting Day 6 and 7

Sunday (day 6) was another day of rest. My back and behind were sore from all that pick/shovel work the day before! Yowza. I did water everything well to make sure they all get off to a great start. I've seen the humingbirds coming and going and hope the butterflies come soon.

LastpartToday I launched the final major assault on the one section that still needed clearing and planting. Luckily this section is under a partial shade sail and that I had my BFH on because it was HOT and SUNNY. You recall the "before" picture I'm sure, so you can see how much work I did today. Whew.

All that is left is to tidy up some overgrown nasturtium and impatiens out front and then the garden only needs watering and occasional weeding. Yay!

I'm very pleased with our work and enjoy watching Kurt pad around in his robe and slippers in the morning, looking at all the new plants.