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Things Are Status Quo

Sqlogo_copy1_2Everything is still in wait and see mode and as an action oriented person this is a challenging place for me to be.

My stepdad is still in the hospital, some days he improves slightly, some days not at all and seems to get worse. He's been there for three weeks now.

My sister is waiting for a few more appointments with various doctors. But that won't be for another ten days or so.

My mother in law is still in the nursing home, still fighting off the C. diff which apparently is quite tough to get rid of. I hope her latest rounds of antibiotics work so she can finally go home. She's been in the nursing home for over a month and is really unhappy there. Who wouldn't be?

The good news is, we found a place for her to live in Los Angeles, big huge thanks to Sarah! The place is perfect, very close to us (a 10 minute drive), brand new, very pretty, full of light and nice people. Best of all, it is within the budget range we needed. I hope she can move within a month or so. She just needs to get well and stay well and improve her strength and build up her appetite.

Kurt is there with her now and his brother is flying in tonight and I'll be there tomorrow. Tomorrow is her 90th birthday and we have ordered a cake for her. I hope she's home for it.