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Texas Is....Different

I was in Texas from Saturday until today and I'm glad to be home. Kurt is staying through the week to help sort his mom out with physical therapy, home health care and the giant crop circle corn maze that is the healthcare system. The good news is, she's doing better, it's just S L O W.

While in Texas, you see things you might not see in Los Angeles. Here's a couple of "for examples" for you.

This sign greets you as you enter the large nursing home where Kurt's mom is recovering:

In case you can't read it clearly it says: State law prohibits carrying a handgun on these premises. No guns in the nursing home, people! I've heard of assisted suicide, but that would be a pretty loud way to do it. But it is Texas...

Coming back from dinner, we stopped near the city hall and saw this sign:

Seriously, salt fraud? And a full day's conference for it? Did we miss the Pepper Fraud conference?

Lastly, this. I like donuts. I do. But Jalepeno Jumbo? No can do.