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4 Weeks Ago Today

Back In Los Angeles -- For A Short Time

I got back from Maui on Tuesday morning -- 5am. I had to take the red-eye. Boo. I can't sleep sitting up so it's always a tough flight. But I got a few hours sleep when we got home and then we were off to our new family lawyer to get our will/estate/trust going. We've been talking about doing one and because of Ladies Who Launch, we got a free initial consultation and decided to go with this practice. After Jen dying and not leaving her wishes for us to find and Dot moving out here with all of her affairs in almost perfect order, we thought we better get on it. The wheels are in motion.

And speaking of wheels in motion, Dot has been cleared of her previous infection and she will be moving to Los Angeles just after Memorial Day. We are headed to Texas next week to help get her organized and ready for the mover to come on the 26th. This could be a stressful time, plus lots of physical work. I'll have to remember to rest and take breaks and make sure we aren't overdoing it all. We didn't find out until yesterday about her test results and I didn't know if I would have preferred to just get it done or have it postponed until later in June. Both had their advantages, but now it's a go and I'm glad to be getting it done.

Two years ago I was also having a really crazy busy spring/early summer. The schedule was busy, but wasn't loaded with grief back then (until later in the summer). I had worked a full time office job from January until Mid-April (something I hadn't done in 6 years), finished that job on a Friday, then flew to Cleveland on Sunday for two weeks of work, then back for a week in LA, then Kurt and I went to Paris for two weeks. Then we were home for about ten days, then I went to Jen's for Grace's graduation for about five days, during which I got more calls about the Mexico City job. I agreed to the job, we were home in LA for two days then I flew to Mexico City for four days, then back to LA for one day, then to Montreal for a wedding for four days, then back to LA for two days then to Mexico City for the summer.....that was a nutty time, fraught with all kinds of different emotions about work and life and goals and plans. I'm glad we experienced it all.

And now on to the next transition in our lives, moving Dot near us and saying adios (mostly) to Texas.