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Dot Comes To Hollywood

Kurt and his mom got in last night, they made great time on the road.  Dot even got to drive for about 50 miles somewhere out in the middle of the 10 in the desert.  She was so happy to have been able to drive for a while as it will probably be the last time she drives for a long time, more probably for ever.  Did I mention she's 90? Her cats also made the trip very well, apparently.  They are out in Kurt's office, hiding, laying low -- literally -- and if you have cats, you know what I mean.  

Dot will move into her new place tomorrow afternoon.  The movers arrive at noon.  I'll supervise the placement of stuff (we worked it all out with a floorplan in Texas) while Kurt and his mom either play cards or hang out in the large living room area near her apartment on the third floor.  Then she can sit in her barcalounger and rest while we unpack dishes and books and things, figure out where to hang pictures, etc.  Moving IN is always much easier than moving OUT, I find.

Last night at dinner she asked "How would you ask more than one person if they want something?  Would you say 'Would you both like...'?"  We were confused and asked her why she was asking.  She said "I figure I can't say "Y'all" anymore."  

She was quite serious.