Dot Comes To Hollywood
Post Road Trip Explosion

Dynamo and Squirt

As I mentioned, Dot and Kurt drove along with her two cats, Dynamo and Squirt.  Squirt is not quite my style of cat, he's long haired and cranky.
And he's a one woman cat, really liking Dot and only Dot.  He mostly stays out of the way.

But Dynamo -- Oh boy, he's a cat I adore.  First of all, he's HUGE.  And just look at that mug!

(Sorry for the blown out image.)

He's about 16 pounds and a big love bug.  He flops right over and wants you to rub his belly, then just lies there, legs splayed out for another hour.  Apparently he sat in Kurt's lap while they were driving across the country.  Kurt has started calling him "Big Mo."