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The Movers Have Gone

We are sitting in the kitchen with the one smaller table and the four "unwanted" chairs.  We didn't have to clear out the whole house so there are still some plates and furniture -- still beds in the guest rooms, thank goodness.  (Though to be honest, a hotel room wouldn't have been unwelcome...)  The movers were fantastic, nice, friendly, and so helpful.  (If you need a cross country move, I have the guy for you.  Seriously, Chuck is great.)  Kurt's mom is of the old old school/stoic variety so there isn't much chit chat about the house she's lived in for 35 years being almost empty and on a truck heading west.  
Now we are ordering thai food for our last hurrah.  


While we didn't move the whole house, we did move about 5000 pounds of stuff and it all fit in that first section above the wheels, from where it says "Cross Country" to the front. Amazing how much space in a house is just air.  Though I'm grateful I didn't have to pack any of the stuff myself!  We did plenty enough clearing/goodwill delivering and throwing out before the movers came.