Nerd Crush Follow Up

There Is A Nerd Meme Going Around...

The Slackmistress/Antisocial Networking is having a "tell me your nerd crush" contest on the site.  This was a tough one for me.  I couldn't decide which to choose -- there were so many.  Would it be:

1)  Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy, The less loved Hardy Boy?

2) John Schneider as Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard?  (Oh yes I did!  Every episode.)

3)  Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian? 

4)  Richard Hatch as Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica?

Oh wait, it could also have been
5) Dirk Benedict -- NOT as Starbuck from Battlestar G, but Templeten "Faceman" Peck from The A-Team.


Do I have to choose JUST ONE?!  Gawd I loved TV back then (still do) and we only had four (4) stations.  Well, five (5) if you counted the Japanese station.  And if we are counting the Japanese station (KIKU - 13 --that's for you Betsy!)  then there is only one.



I can still sing the theme song for you, in Japanese.  And if you ask real nice, I will loan you my Kikaida DVD...or click here to get your own!

Wow, that was a serious romp through my childhood and early teen years.  But now I have the Kikaida theme song stuck in my head.