I'm Well Supported
Live Blogging From The Airport!!


My office feels empty (and CLEAN!) for once in a long long long time.

Stuffing the last few items into every nook and cranny of my three bags.  I thought I would make it with two, but alas, I had to bring in a smaller third bag to fit it all in.  They should be much emptier when I return as I'm taking all my household bathroom items for five months -- shampoo, face wash, feminine hygiene products, etc etc.  Trying to save a few $$ vs. the Pound. I'm also packing for two seasons, which takes up room. 

Now there are about 2 hours before I need to get dressed and load up the car.  My last little bag is waiting for the last few items before getting zipped.

I made time to watch today's Tour De France stage -- very exciting.  

Next time I write, it will either be from the airport or London!