Leaving On A Jet Plane
At Shepperton

Good Vs. Not So Good Things At Posh Hotels

Good thing:  I'm not paying for it!
Not so good thing:  I do have to pay for the internets (20 lbs/day for internet?!?!)
Good thing: Very nice room with a lot of space!  (Hard to find in europe)
Not so good thing:  Strange artsy dress form thing on metal rod that made me jump every time I looked over at her.  I asked her to be removed...

Posh room

Good thing:  Very nice customer service -- one of the main customer service people introduced herself to me while I was checking in, asking if I had any special food requirements or if I would like anything special.  (Dude.)
Not so good thing:  Mini-bar no one should really afford.  (I also had it removed from my room so I wouldn't be tempted -- there's a Tesco mini mart right down the street.)
Good thing:  the cleaning staff don't put your stuff back where THEY want it.  I rearranged the bathroom to my liking, including where the trash can was, and they left it like I arranged it.  This is huge.  In Mexico City I gave up after 2 days of the cleaning people putting stuff where they liked it.

Really, there's nothing too bad about any of it.  But I will be looking at apartments very soon, hopefully tomorrow.  I just want to be settled into my own spot.