I'm Well Supported

(And I don't mean by my new bras, though they are fabulous.)

Going to bed last night I was a wreck, having a good cry, making Kurt promise to take good care of my Bunny (and Mouse too) and feeling very sad about leaving.  There were moments of deeper grief too for the last year I've had and how this job will be another year flying by and I was feeling a bit out of control.  I fell asleep and dreamt of Tour De France riders climbing the Alps and crab fisherman in the Bering Sea (The VAST Bering Sea!*) all of it jumbled together...Stress!  Then, I woke up thinking I needed to call my doctor today to double check on one thing before I go, but then was stressing on what if I couldn't get a hold of her (though she's pretty accessible, which is why I love her).  I thought I would call once I got out of the shower, around 8:30.  I sat down to read headlines and check email and the phone rings.  Who is it?  My doctor.


I hadn't called her yet!  She called me!  I love that.

She was calling to give me my blood results from my yearly exam -- all A+ by the way -- and I told her I really appreciated her being psychic.  I got the answers I needed and she reminded me of her email address in case I needed anything while I was away.  She also added the reminder to have lots of fresh flowers wherever I'm staying to brighten up the rainy days in London.  How can you not love a doctor like that?  

So I'm up, I'm showered, I'm doing laundry, checking things off my list, trying to get some more work done, then getting on a plane.  There will be more tears shed today as I say bye to a few more people.  Then a new adventure begins.

*I hope that Phil is going to be okay.