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Live Blogging From The Airport!!


I'm in the super fancy Admirals Lounge at LAX, chillin' with the hoi polloi.  Got my free drink, not so free wifi (tax deductible?) and am in a spot where I can watch the planes take off.  Life is good.  I did have to shed a few tears saying good-bye to Kurt at the curb but after I regained my composure and got in line to check in, I saw my friends John and Kevin, who are also on my flight.  They are going on a longer holiday but will be in London this weekend, along with Brian, to see Kylie Minogue so we will hang out as my inner clock gets reset.

When I checked my three bags, one was 54 pounds, WAY over the 50 pound limit.  She said "can you move 4 pounds from this one to the other?"  HA!  I did laugh and said, ummmm, no. Charge me that extra $50!  That's on top of the $110 for the 3 bags.  

Here's me, smug in the fancy lounge:

Photo 48

Ooh, there's Aeroflot going to take off...Okay, going to play scrabulous on Facebook for a few minutes.