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More Blasts From The Photographic Past

We had dinner at Sarah's on Saturday night and she had these pictures out. The first was from the West Coast Seabury Reunion Jen and I organized in (I believe) 1993 at her house in No. Cal. So many people came, including Sarah, and a great time was had by all, based on all the beer bottles being recycled!  Sarah was so cool -- she brought her Polaroid camera and a box FULL of film leftover from her previous movie  job.  We thought it was pretty amazing to have that much Polaroid film at our fingertips!Jen:sarah1993
Jen and I had a good time planning that reunion. Vegasbaby

Then Sarah pulled out this gem! Wooo hooo! This is from 1998-ish when I worked at Sony. Six of us went to Vegas and we decided ahead of time to buy some seriously funky/wacky/cheesy clothes, and get dressed up and go out one night in our outfits. This was me. The dress cost me about $20 and the shoes about $7. The most expensive part of the outfit was the hair.  It cost $50 It is my actual hair, but I got it DONE. And that hair didn't move all night. Then when I brushed it out the next morning, it still looked fabulous.  Money well spent.

At one point in the evening we sat down at a blackjack table together and the dealer looked at us, did a double take and then asked if we were a band.  We all looked at each other and said "Sure! Yeah, that's it, a band!"  I think even later in the evening people took photos of us.  We rocked.