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One Hundred Push Up Challenge

Outline700I'm not super motivated to work out, even though I know I need to. Fortunately, after a child- and young adulthood of being in decent shape (swimming from 3rd grade through high school, then rowing on the crew team all through college) my body remembers how to be in shape when I put effort into it. I give myself a small break for the last few months of personal life insanity but now need to focus on becoming fitter.

I also know enough about myself to know that going to a gym on a regular basis just doesn't happen.  If I can put on shoes and immediately start to exercise, in the house or around the neighborhood, I'll do it.  If I have to dress, put stuff in a bag, get in the car, drive, find parking, find a locker, etc etc etc, I'll find something much closer to home to do instead of work out. 

This why the 100 push up challenge fits nicely into my lifestyle.  I started with the test today and I was (sadly) in no way stunned to find I could do 1/2 a push up.  I could walk for hours and hours, but upper body strength?  not so much.  So I started day 1 of week 1 of the challenge, and realized that I couldn't even finish the level 1 set.  Oh well, the point is I'm giving it a go and I know I will get stronger.  I can feel that I worked my muscles in the 7 push ups I attempted this morning.  "Attempted" being the key word as I couldn't really do any of them properly.

But I have a plan, the plan is doable and the plan doesn't require any special equipment or locations.  Yay!  Awesome strong arms, in time for sweater season coming up!