I'm Packing and Getting Excited -- Finally!
I'm Well Supported


Back in 1991-92 I had my first serious production job.  I was the visual effects coordinator on Alien 3 at Boss Film Studio (RIP).  I shared an office with the two other coordinators at the company and the three of us got along really well.  We could commiserate about our bosses, our schedules, our printer, etc etc.  We worked hard and we talked a lot with each other and almost always made time to listen when one of us came in to vent or to tell something funny. But every once in a great while, we would be madly trying to type something up or get something done in a hurry and couldn't talk.  Our code word for these moments was:


The other person would immediately nod and say nothing.  There would always be a half smile on each face as we barked the code word because we were always working, but at that moment we were SERIOUSLY working.  

I thought of that today as I'm gearing up on this job and am trying to get things done before flying away tomorrow night and it made me smile, thinking of those wacky Boss Film shared coordinator office days.  

"...oss Film, please ho..."