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British Telly

Top_Gear_logo I was only there six days, but I watched two shows that I fell in love with.  One is Top Gear which also plays here at home on BBC-America.  It's about cars and is very funny (yes, I do consider myself a "writer").  I think K1 needs to be watching this in all his copious spare time with full time job and new baby.  Hmmmm, his birthday is coming up...

Then there was the night I watched about four episodes of QI which is kind of a sort of comedy quiz show with Stephen Fry and four other comedian guests.  I would have stayed up for hours and hours watching at many as the tv would put out, but I forced myself to go to bed.  On their website is a petition to get the show on American TV.  I've signed it.  Stephen Fry can almost do no wrong in my book.  He is never dull and if I'm channel surfing and see him, I'll stop and watch.  

Qi_2  Good tv is sooooo good.  Top Gear is going on the tivo immediately.