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Speaking Of Hair... (Tom Made Me Do It)

(Tom made me post this, he didn't make me create the hair way back when.)

The year was 1985.  

I was a senior in high school.

I didn't think I could be "pretty" so I went with "unusual."  
(As in Cyndi Lauper -- "She's So Unusual") (Cyndi was/is my hero.)


And Tom, it didn't go all the way around, just halfway.  All the way would have been ridiculous.

My mom called me a skunk, but really she couldn't complain too much as I was student body president, off to college and had great grades.  

Thinking back on the 80's, I had to go get my Best of Oingo Boingo and listen to it in the rental car. Technically, I didn't know about Boingo until I got to LMU later that fall.