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September 2008

I Just Blew Our Delivery Date

One of the supervisors here at my new job and I were talking about certain european resumes we have received as we are hiring. They tend to have pictures of themselves on the resume. We giggle a bit but whatever. Today, the supervisor pulled up a resume with a kinda funny picture on it and I said, "We should lolcat these resumes!" and he looked at me blankly. 

He had never heard of LOLcats. 

I made a snap decision that I might come to regret.  I had him pull up a lolcats website and he got it instantly and laughed and then we looked at each other and said, "There goes your productivity."

Oh well.  As long as we are all laughing while working overtime...


Working Working

It's been busy.  Mostly I've seen only the inside of my office and the other offices that make up our group. Essentially I'm working as a combination of HR, Facilities Manager and Buyer. When you work on a movie, it doesn't mean you have a creative job. 90% of my time has been in interviews. The only nice part is when you get to say "Hi, you got the job."  (Slightly tempered with "Sorry, it's just not the right fit for us.")

I'm just working one day at a time, not letting the entire thing overwhelm me. I will continue to ask for help when I need it and will learn everyone's name probably just in time for my job to be over.

In other news, I didn't walk a long walk last weekend. I took the day off to rest my body. We also had friends in from out of town who we saw Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It was refreshing and a really nice distraction. I was telling them about what I was doing at this job and one of them commented that I'm a boss-for-hire. This is true.

Last Wednesday night Kurt and I went to the Writer's Guild Foundation to hear a panel of Emmy nominated writers talk about their craft and their shows and how they got to where they were. It was inspiring and a lot of fun. Larry Wilmore, the Senior Black Correspondent on the Daily Show and Emmy winning writer on his own part, was the moderator. The writers were Kirk Ellis (who wrote John Adams and won the Emmy), Bryan Fuller (who wrote Pushing Daisies and who lost the Emmy to Tina Fey), Matt Weiner who created Mad Men and one of his co-writers Robin Veith and Danny Strong who wrote Recount (but lost to Kirk Ellis, I think). I met Kirk Ellis afterward and had a quick chat with him, he was very nice.

Now it's a new week and I'm taking it as slowly as I can.

VFX Lingo

Most of the week I've been in interviews as we crew up to do the work we need to do.  You *wish* you had my job so you could be in conversations that include snippets like these:

"...It natively handles the Max instances..."

"...proxying stuff for all the dynamics?"

and my personal favorite:

" ambient occlusion shader..."

I know, I know.  I'm the luckiest person to be living the glamorous hollywood lifestyle.