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Melancholy Days

Facebook has been an interesting way to connect with people from high school I haven't been in touch with in years. Recently I was contacted by Roo and we've been emailing a bit, getting to know each other as grown ups and what has been going on our lives since those balmy days. Roo and Courtney got connected as well and today she posted a photo on her Facebook page that made me so happy and so sad all at the same time. Here's the photo from our graduation day in May 1985:Bruceatgrad1985

That's Bruce. He was Senior Class President and was presenting the school with our class gift. That gift was an amazing mural of a dragon created by Roo. He painted it in the stairwell of the classroom building and we were all supposed to help him. (God, Roo, I hope I helped a little, I can't even remember.) The classroom building was torn down a year or two ago to make way for a much more modern classroom building (and campus). The Dragon is gone.

And so is Bruce. He died from a brain tumor ten years ago. That all made me sad.  

Then as I looked at the photo some more, I realized that the blonde woman in the left foreground is Snooker. Crazy wacky awesome Snooker. She died a year ago in a car crash. I was in Washington DC, working and pretending not to be scared about Jen's condition at the time. (Post op, awaiting news on the cancer treatment to come.) I didn't write about Snooker in my blog and I'm sorry I didn't. Sarah did though. (That's Sarah B, not Sarah A.)

Circle of life, these things happen, blah blah bullshit. Jen was way too young, Bruce was WAAAAAY too young and Snooker was also way way way too young in her 60's. She and her sister were on their way back from a tennis tournament, just driving along.

I'm melancholy and missing these amazing people. Thank the gods they were in my life.