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Awesome Blister

AwesomeblisterDude. Look at that thing! Amazing. It doesn't hurt. I could feel I was getting a blister there and put a couple of fabric bandages on it and it felt better. Then I removed my shoe and wowee!

Luckily it's on the side of my foot, but the next few days will be very interesting. I do have to walk a few more times this week before next week's 16-17 mile training walk.  

I never had it this bad when training for the marathon...

I'm stinky so off to shower now.

Job Day Two and 9/11

Day one went fine, met a lot of people and got a semi clear view of what the gig will be. Good people, which I already knew. I mentioned before that I'm five minutes from work. But I have to amend that because I forgot how far I would have to walk from the parking structure to my office. So here's the breakdown:

Got in the car at 8:30 this morning
Arrived at Sony Studio Overland gate at 8:37
Arrived at my office at 8:49

Drive time:  7 minutes
Park/walk time:  12 minutes

Hey, I'm not complaining about a 19 minute commute, 10 minutes of which are me walking.  


Tom Hanks is on the lot today. I haven't seen him so how do I know? I know they are shooting Angels and Demons here and I also know Mr. Hanks has an AWESOME Chrome/Silver Airstream trailer that he uses when shooting and there it is, awnings down, windows open. I forgot how being on a lot can be interesting.


Today is 9/11 and it makes me think of Jen as she was the person who called us at 6:30 or 7 am to say that the towers were being destroyed.  My mom was here helping me plan our wedding and she and Kurt and I sat staring at the TV for hours and hours.  Then in the afternoon, because we were freaked out and exhausted by the events of the morning, we decided to go wedding dress shopping anyway.  We had planned on going to David's Bridal that day anyway and it was surreal.


Sudden Surprising Tears Last Night.

Last night I was emailing Kylie.  She is the daughter of one of Jen's best friends, Lori.  Kylie started college on the east coast this fall and I sent her a care package with some junk food and stuff. Her mom always said she was terrible with doing things through the actual mail, and she means it!  (And we still love her anyway, plus she usually has a decent bottle of wine in the house.) I knew that Jen would have sent something to Kylie at school as they were close. Jen was Kylie's confirmation sponsor at their church. 

So after emailing Kylie, I thought I would call Lori and ask what favorite things her daughter might like.  I was really happy and upbeat, and as I dialed I started to cry and cry because I would never have called Lori before. I would never have sent Kylie a care package before. I probably wouldn't even know Kylie's email address before.  Before Jen died. 

I'm so glad to know them and do it.  But god damn it.

Meandering Through The Past With Pasta

I donated platelets today with Sarah. She had promised as a gift on my 40th birthday that she would go with me to donate platelets at some point so today we went. I ended up giving a double and she gave a single -- it was her first time and she did great. When you donate platelets at UCLA they have tons of movies you can watch while you donate. I chose Moonstruck and Sarah caught up with The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I could hear her laughing even over my own laughter. 

I hadn't seen that movie in ages and I just love it. It made me very hungry for pasta and so when I got home I made some college style pasta:  Spagetti with butter and parmesan. That's it. Delicious. There were five of us who shared a house and four of us were on the crew team.  Cheap energy food was generally Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast (lunch and snacks) or pasta with butter and parmesan from a can. Those were the staples. 51M491MJQ3L._SL500_ (Gertie's main staple was, of course, General Foods International Coffees, though I can't recall if it was Suisse Mocha or Cafe Vienna...someone please help me out with that one.)

While we were waiting Sarah was telling me about her son starting fourth grade and that he had a homework assignment that needed to be written in script. He was a bit challenged by the assignment and it was really wild to think about how we all had to learn that. (Some of you still haven't. I'm not naming names.) Strange to even try to crank my brain back to a time when holding a pencil was awkward and uncomfortable, when you practiced the proper loops and swoops of cursive.  I can remember clearly the posters in the classrooms way back when:

The capital "Q" just never ever made any sense.  

My handwriting today often gets compliments though it is a combination of cursive and printing.  My handwriting doesn't come near to the schoolbook perfection of Wendy's cursive, however.  That is gorgeous handwriting!

Back To School, I Mean, Work

32865640Yes ladies and gents, I got a job. I start on Wednesday and will be employed until January and possibly May, though that part's not guaranteed yet.  

Income -- yay!

Even better -- it's at the Sony lot which is five minutes from my house!  Major Woot!

So I'm feeling a bit like "Back To School" as well. I already bought most of my back to school clothes in July when I thought I was going to be in London. If only it was cold enough to wear the nice sweaters I bought. Everyone will just have to deal with my t-shirts for a while.(I bought clothes to be on set, not in an office!)

I'll be sharpening my pencils.

I Walked 12 Miles Today -- Woot!

Some of you have asked why.

My blogbud Will and I are going to walk Western Avenue in Los Angeles in October.  (Haven't picked a final date yet, either the 11th or the 18th).  So I'm in training.  Western is 28 miles long, starting near Franklin and ending in Palos Verdes.

Now some of you are asking, "why are you doing that?"  

Two reasons:  1) Because it is there and 2) I needed a job.

Will and other Angelenos have walked other major boulevards and avenues in Los Angeles over the years. It always sounded fascinating to me, to see these grand thoroughfares up close and personal. I had expressed my interest over the last two years to go on other walks and it seemed each time one came up, I got a job that took me away from LA that very weekend.  

So I figured why not schedule a long walk so that I would be sure to get a job and not be able to do it.

The gods may finally be shining down on me though (fingers crossed) as I just got a job AND I don't have to leave the city for it!  I will be earning income AND I can walk down Western with Will and whoever else wants to come along in October.

We will post more details soon on LA Metblogs soon.

My feet are tired but I feel great and this coke zero and snack size package of Cheez-Its taste AWESOME! 

Now I'm off to watch the Cowboys at Dot's place on her big HD tv. 

I'm A Comfort Eater, But I Would Draw The Line Here

This is not a photoshop contest winner.  These are Krispy-Kreme Cheddar Cheeseburgers. 

How do you spell the sound for throwing up a little in your mouth?


Found on Neatorama:

All that talk about obesity really makes me hungry, and what did I just find on the ‘Net? This bright idea by Googlers in NYC to celebrate the head of the cafe staff. Behold the Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburger!