I Had These In High School
Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono

Folding Pizza Boxes

PizzaboxWhile waiting for my sandwich at lunch today, I watched a guy behind the counter folding pizza boxes and it brought back the crazy memories of working at Italy's Little Kitchen (The Bitchin' Kitchen for those of you of Holy Cross House Fame).  I was  a hostess for two years and when I came in every day I had to fold pizza boxes for the evening's orders and make to-go salads. The salads were fine but I hated to fold those damn boxes. I don't know if it was the dry, stiff, sharp edged boxes themselves or the sheer repetitive dullness of that same set of movements over and over. I guess it made me appreciate the fact that I only had to fold maybe 30 in a short amount of time, vs. 300 or 3000 during a shift at a factory. Then I could move on to my main job -- seating customers,  "Hi, two?  Smoking or non?"  (Wow, those were the days. I can't even visualize people in there, smoking.) I also rang people up and ran credit cards though the old slider machines, calling on the phone to get authorization. One time I even got to cut up a card in front of a customer and I got $50 for my effort. The customer was very polite, didn't seem upset, just nodded as I did it. The best part about working there (aside from the awesome sausages and meatballs!) was getting a 30% discount on pizza. Every college students dream. Oh but those boxes.