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Hollywood Swag

Most times, when you work on a movie for some length of time, you get a crew gift at the end.  Depending on your rank, you might get even more if the project spans the Christmas holiday. I walked across the lot this morning, wearing my "Die Hard With A Vengeance" crew jacket -- black letterman style with black leather sleeves. It's a silly memento that I actually paid for myself, but it was my first VFX producing job and I was proud of myself. I think I only produced about 30 shots, but I managed a crew and got a credit so I gave myself this gift.

The only other jacket I bought was my Boss Film jean jacket. I still have it in the back of my closet and will never give it away. It represents the first real job I ever had in the biz and the start of my VFX career -- a career path that found me and has treated me well.

The stuff I got for free?

Alien 3 -- 2 crew jackets, I gave 1 to my sister years ago and sold the other on Ebay a while back. I also got a 20th century fox jacket which I wrote about here.

Contact -- at Christmas in '96 I got a leather Nike weekend bag (still use it all the time) and a few other gifts that I can't remember, but that I know I gave to the coordinators working with me. At the end of the show, we got wind-breaker type jackets in that Contact blue color. I still have that one as it doesn't have a loud logo on it. We also got an army style jacket which I gave away or sold on ebay. Then my friend Tom gave me his a few months ago! Hilarious. I'm meant to have that jacket.

Kate and Leopold -- we got a black wind breaker type jacket with a very modest logo on it. I still have this jacket and wear it a lot.

Identity -- a heavier jacket with a modest logo on it. I wore this jacket a lot as well, good for weekends running around. I think I still have it, but might have given it away in a round of closet cleaning.

Walk The Line -- a jean jacket with a small logo on it. The jacket itself was size small. I gave it to a friend who peripherally worked on the project.

Memoirs Of A Geisha -- a jean jacket with a small logo on it. Again, the jacket itself was size small. I gave it to the same friend! Over that Christmas I got a bottle of sake from the director. We also got snow globes from the studio at the very end. This is a Sony studio thing. I find them to be not my style and gave mine to one of the guys I worked with. He loved it and gave it to his mom, I think.

Vantage Point -- No official crew gift or jacket but it seemed half the departments made t-shirts to give away. We (the VFX crew) (VFX crew=me and Paddy) made one too and it became the most popular t-shirt ever. 

Body of Lies -- Often times the stars will give out gifs to thank the crew. Leonardo gave out really nice backpacks with the movie logo on it. That is something I use. I'm sure other stars did on other movies, but smaller things like leather CD cases or gifts to charity in our names, etc.

I'm sure there was lots more but I'm not into dust-collectors or chachkis (how do you spell that?). So unless it is something I will use, I usually don't keep the crew gift. I know there are people in my family or friends who love the movie stuff and I am more than happy to give it all away.