Big Walk Today!
Hollywood Swag

My Dogs Are Still Barking

What a walk.  What a day.

28 miles.
11 hours.  
1 diet coke
1 lemon filled donut.
10 phone calls from friends and family
1 small bag of puffed cheetos
1 application of blister protection (worked at about 80% efficiency) 
1 kalua pig plate lunch
135 photos
3 bottles of water
many conversations on a variety of subjects
1 cop asking (at Western and Vernon) "Are you lost?"  "No sir"  "Are you sure?"
1 very tired but happy woman.

This photo is from Will's flickr set.

Check out the posts on Metblogs by myself and Will.  There are 3 parts, though part 3 doesn't post until 9 this morning...