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Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono

"The Life Of The Land Is Preserved In Righteousness." That was the translation I learned in 4th grade when we studied Hawaiian History, anyway.  

Years ago when the state quarters started coming out in chronological order, I thought, gawd, the Hawaii one isn't going to be here for ever! And now it's out. Where did all that time go? What have I done with it? What do I have to show for it?  


It feels about 25ยข worth these days.

Folding Pizza Boxes

PizzaboxWhile waiting for my sandwich at lunch today, I watched a guy behind the counter folding pizza boxes and it brought back the crazy memories of working at Italy's Little Kitchen (The Bitchin' Kitchen for those of you of Holy Cross House Fame).  I was  a hostess for two years and when I came in every day I had to fold pizza boxes for the evening's orders and make to-go salads. The salads were fine but I hated to fold those damn boxes. I don't know if it was the dry, stiff, sharp edged boxes themselves or the sheer repetitive dullness of that same set of movements over and over. I guess it made me appreciate the fact that I only had to fold maybe 30 in a short amount of time, vs. 300 or 3000 during a shift at a factory. Then I could move on to my main job -- seating customers,  "Hi, two?  Smoking or non?"  (Wow, those were the days. I can't even visualize people in there, smoking.) I also rang people up and ran credit cards though the old slider machines, calling on the phone to get authorization. One time I even got to cut up a card in front of a customer and I got $50 for my effort. The customer was very polite, didn't seem upset, just nodded as I did it. The best part about working there (aside from the awesome sausages and meatballs!) was getting a 30% discount on pizza. Every college students dream. Oh but those boxes.

I Had These In High School

I saw this photo of Kate Moss on Go Fug Yourself yesterday and it blew my mind.  

I had those boots in high school. HIGH SCHOOL! I'm talking early 80's here. Ian (Butch!) used to call them my "Ted Nugent Boots" every single time I wore them. And I wore them a lot. I think I even wore them horseback riding to pretend I was more "native-american" than "cowboy."

Kate Moss.  2008.  WTF?


Should have held on to them I guess.

Writing Is Hard

And I don't mean that in the traditional sense of "writing is hard."  I mean that all the crazy avalanche of emotions I'm feeling right now, today, this week are all a bit too much to write about here.  There would be too many exclamation points and all caps and much swearing.  So I'll just hunker down and write it elsewhere. 

Enjoy this LOLcat instead:


Roller Coaster Day

It's 8:45 am and it's a day already full of random emotions, good ones, sad ones.  Sad ones like seeing funny or cute pictures and my first instinct is to send them to Jen.  Or I saw a billboard for the Bonnie Hunt show and thought, "If Jen were here she would be watching that and I could ask her how it is."  Sad like we found out a good friend of Jen's (and mine) has breast cancer.  I mean come on!  That makes me sad and mad and more mad.  I put on my yellow LiveStrong bracelet for her today.

But then there is good, it's Paddy's birthday today.  He's a good friend and I wish him all the best in his new ventures and in the coming year.  There are other good friends who have had birthdays in September and October and we get to see them on Saturday night.  I'm looking forward to that very much.

I'm glad I got here a little early (I'm at work) because I clearly need a few moments to pull myself together. I'm grateful I have an office with a door I can close at this moment.  Grateful I have a job that is helping to pay down our debt keep us going in these crazy times. 

But mostly I just want to run home to my mommy and play in the ocean.

Roller Coaster.

18.5 Mile Walk Wrap Up

I did another write up on LA Metblogs.  You can read more there.

The walk was fine but dang I started to just get bored!  After five hours, even podcasts get tiresome.  I am really looking forward to the real deal on October 18 where there will be company.

I had a wacky cool thing happen as I was walking west on Pico. An older woman dressed as though out for a walk as well (big hat, sweatsuit) approached me, saying something. I took off my headphones and said, "Sorry?" and she said, all smiles "You are cute! What is your heritage?!" I stammered for a second as I was expecting her to be asking directions. "Uh...German, Spanish, Irish."  She smiled more and said, "Very nice!  Very cute!"  and walked on. I loved it.

I also found some new safety graphics for my collection on flickr.  These were on a large green tank. (click both for more gory detail.)


Blister situation was not too bad.  A few smaller ones in the same spot, but totally fine.