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This Makes Monday So Nice To Wake Up To

A Quiet Moment

I'm sitting at my desk, Pandora* is playing a lovely mix of classical music which is putting me in a very relaxed mood. Looking out my window is not a great view, but I can see the Culver City hills and blue sky with some wispy clouds. There is a hum of activity outside my open office door; digital artists talking to each other, the "wheesh-wheesh" sound of a production assistant using a paper cutter, someone steaming milk in the kitchen for an afternoon latte. I just need the neck/shoulder massage person** to come along and all will be right with the world.

*Everytime I hear/read/say the word "Pandora" I know I could call my mom and make her laugh simply by saying "I knew a girl in school called Pandora. Never got into her box though." Mom and I love our "Notting Hill."

**There is no such person, I just keep hoping one will show up.