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Monday Bullet Points - Oh So Random

WaterlilyAll that comfort eating is paying off just the way you would expect. I've put on a few pounds. Funny how that works after not exercising either...I'm slowly working my way back to a routine of wii fit and walking.

It's Monday and it's a short week. Thank the gods.


I was thinking about "small kid time" this weekend, flashing back to a memory from when we 
lived at 164. Quick explanation: When we were kids we learned our addresses so I still remember 5641 (it was 5641, wasn't it? Mom? Dor?) Kalanianiole Hiway and then the 2nd house I lived in, 164 Kalalau street. Now, instead of referring to the streets we lived on, we say "Remember at 164 when..." So when we lived at 164 I remember having a baby sitter over, a teenaged girl with long blonde hair. She got her leg stuck in these old school desk/chair combo things we had. She couldn't get out and there were no parents around so someone called the fire department. The memory is so vivid of those big men in their big hats in our playroom as we all stood around. What is not so vivid is how they got her leg unstuck. But oh well. Another vivid memory from 164 was that our neighbor a few houses down had their garage struck by lightning. After the storm was over, we went to their house and there was a huge hole in the eaves. That was pretty freaky to a 4-5 year old. One easter, we had an easer egg hunt in the yard and patio, all four of us kids running around collecting eggs and candies. The next day, Jen, Dor and Alicia were at school and mom showed me a stash of candies that had not been found the day before: She lifted the small round cover to the Komodo (bbq grill) and there were three brightly colored foil wrapped chocolate eggs. I felt so special that mom had shown me this secret.