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Lolcat for Jen

This is a lolcat that I would have INSTANTLY sent to Jen. It makes me laugh and laugh about remembering her laughing and laughing about when Catleen brought a dead baby rabbit to their door and Matthew was almost throwing up telling her about what Catleen had done. Okay, you had to be there, but it was really funny.


That was the best kind of Jen laugh, when the kids made her laugh so hard.

Ugh, I can't even keep writing about it now.  I'm at work and need to keep my composure.  So much for that...

Overheard In A Bar Last Night

Last night I had drinks and dinner with some women friends at a lovely bar in Venice with a large fire pit and a crowd of people looking for love. When I went to the bathroom, two women came in and the first part of their conversation was one saying very emphatically to the other:

Get over it, get over yourself and get on!

Girlfriend was serious!

It cracked me up.

In Which I Rant About "Kids Today"

I've looked at LOTS AND LOTS of resumes in the last two months.  How come no one seems to have learned what I learned about resumes?  They should be ONE PAGE. Okay okay, I've seen a few that are one page, but these tend to belong to older, day I say, more mature candidates. For someone who is starting out, pages and pages of information with giant margins is not going to fool me into thinking you have tons of experience. One page, people. One page. And if you can't figure out how to do this, hire an expert.

And another thing!

Last night I was talking with a friend who has a 16 year old niece staying for a few months. She was venting about how hard it is to get her to help around the house, specifically to clear the table. There were three of us talking about this last night and we all remembered very clearly that we always got up and cleared a table when we were guests. I don't ever remember NOT getting up to clear a table, or if I stayed seated too long I would get a look or a poke from my mother to get moving. To this day, I get up and clear at large gatherings. Now, I have a niece and nephew who are very good at this, so it's not all kids today. But where did that particular piece of learning go? I feel like the way I would/will raise our kids is going to be really retro and old school! But then, I'm kinda retro and old school!

I'm Still Here, Really!

I couldn't log on to the blog dashboard and finally got it sorted out last night. Oh and there is that whole full time job thing.  Here are some random bits and bobs to get caught up.

Waterlily Our 7th anniversary weekend away was just what the doctor ordered. We checked in on Friday night then went and had cocktails and pu-pus in the lobby bar, over looking the ocean. We slept in late on Saturday then found breakfast at a small coffee shop called Cora's Cafe on Ocean-yummy pancakes and eggs. Back to the room for naps and loads of tv watching. Somehow it's always easier to spend hours and hours in front of the tv when you aren't at home looking at all the things there are to do around the house.  We ordered in room service for dinner then had lovely baths in the lovely tub. Sunday morning, after gaining an hour due to daylight savings, we slept in, then walked down to Santa Monica pier, just being tourists. We meandered back to our room, lounged a bit more, then checked out and drove home. We really felt "out of town" but without all the driving. Happy anniversary to us.

Waterlily Work is work. However, I park on the roof (7th floor) of the parking structure every day. It's just easier to remember where I parked and never crowded. Plus, with beautiful clear views most days, I get a moment of refreshment before the long march across the lot to the office. I do have a window in my second floor office, but it looks out to the back gate on Culver Blvd. Nothing too fascinating. The other morning was a typical fall LA day:
I remember so vividly in about 93 or 94 when there were HUGE fires in Malibu, a bunch of us, Ron Brinkmann included, going to the 7th floor of the parking structure and watching the flames along the hills above Malibu. It was surreal.

Waterlily Kurt's mom is 90. She is still bowling--she joined a league at Mar Vista Bowl and bought a new glow in the dark ball--and her average is coming back up. She has an awesome HD tv and DVR and in her Netflix Queue she's waiting for the next disc of Battlestar Gallactica. We got her hooked. She's pretty cool. Oh and she also likes to play Wii Sports. A lot.

Waterlily One of the times mom and I were together at Jen's this year, either for the funeral or Matt-Man's graduation, we were driving along the country roads. A funky old truck in front of us had makeshift wooden walls and on the rear was a sign painted on the various panels "Hau Ling" with a phone number. Mom started laughing because she thought it was a nice Chinese man advertising his services. (When you grow up/live in Hawaii, multi-ethnic names and business are a close part of your every day life.) Well, Mr. Ling seems to have opened a branch office in LA:

It made me smile and think of how even in the middle of awful awful times, there is much to laugh about. "Laughing and crying, you know it's the same release."

As Gerald Ford Once Said...

"Our long national nightmare is over."

President Bush will be leaving soon. Thank the gods. I'm sorry it took us idiots four years longer to do it, but I'm thankful we have an inspiring person like Obama in office instead of John Kerry. 

But all the good news on the national front is tempered by the state of California which voted to ban gay marriage, which the supreme court of California had ruled was unconstitutional. Now we have overturned that decision. Unbelievably infuriating. Though if you live in California you know how very conservative it actually is. Sad sad sad. I hope someone will be filing a lawsuit against prop 8 soon.

But back to the good news.  Here's a lolpol for you:

To Those Who Really Worked For This -- An Election Day Thank You

I have done very little about politics this year, except vote. You may know that I was, uhhh, distracted. 

So I would like to take this little blog space to say thank you to two people who kicked volunteer ass. First there was Debra who works a full time job outside the home and has two young sons. She worked the phones a few times, she even went to Nevada to help register voters, and with a broken toe! Huge applause and my sincerest thanks for your work, Debra. It seems to be paying off. 

Then there is my sister Dor, who not only can play every John Denver song on the guitar (and sing them beautifully as well), but who is a single mom who also works full time and she also volunteered on the phones and in her community in North San Diego to get out the vote. Rock on Dorian! You really inspired me with your dedication. 

Thanks to you both, and to all the other amazing hard working volunteers, our country seems to be taking a turn for a better, brighter more hopeful future. My friend Paddy keeps emailing from London because he's so excited to see the election results. 

So with great optimism, I'm preparing to send out a large shaka to our own keiki o ka aina Barack Obama.


UPDATE 10:46pm:  AND HE WON! Wow.  Awesome.