Praise To Buddha!
My Christmas List is Too Short This Year

Thanksgiving -- Y'all Fight!

When you are married to a Frey, particularly one from the Metroplex in Texas, you have to know you will be watching Cowboys football most weekends. Today is more than just a Cowboys game. Today is a double header Frey Rivalry day. Freyvalry, if you will.  (Okay, you don't have to). Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks (where Kurt's brother lives) and later, U of Texas (Hook 'em horns!) vs. Texas A&M (Gig 'em Aggies!). Kurt and his mom both attended UT (Y'all Fight!) and Kurt's bro went to A&M.  See how it is?  In between we are going to eat at a nearby restaurant. So who wins?  ME!

While the Cowboys have been kicking Seahawk tail, I have been making a new blog.  Check it!

Safety Graphic Fun

It's a daily dose of Safety Graphics. I love me some safety graphics, they are so brutal and kooky. I want to know who makes these wacky things.

Off for dinner soon. 

I hope your holidays are full of love and family and friends and pumpkin pie.