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As Gerald Ford Once Said...

To Those Who Really Worked For This -- An Election Day Thank You

I have done very little about politics this year, except vote. You may know that I was, uhhh, distracted. 

So I would like to take this little blog space to say thank you to two people who kicked volunteer ass. First there was Debra who works a full time job outside the home and has two young sons. She worked the phones a few times, she even went to Nevada to help register voters, and with a broken toe! Huge applause and my sincerest thanks for your work, Debra. It seems to be paying off. 

Then there is my sister Dor, who not only can play every John Denver song on the guitar (and sing them beautifully as well), but who is a single mom who also works full time and she also volunteered on the phones and in her community in North San Diego to get out the vote. Rock on Dorian! You really inspired me with your dedication. 

Thanks to you both, and to all the other amazing hard working volunteers, our country seems to be taking a turn for a better, brighter more hopeful future. My friend Paddy keeps emailing from London because he's so excited to see the election results. 

So with great optimism, I'm preparing to send out a large shaka to our own keiki o ka aina Barack Obama.


UPDATE 10:46pm:  AND HE WON! Wow.  Awesome.