Precious Paula
On Oahu - We Ate At Zippy's!

Flying Home Tomorrow

I'm meeting Mom in Honolulu tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. I was packing tonight and forgot that Christmas was this week. There was nothing particularly festive in my suitcase in case we went to a Christmas gathering. We may go across the street to the neighbor's house for Christmas Eve or Christmas day dinner, we may not.  We may go to the Kula House for the extended family gathering and if we do, it will be bittersweet. I haven't been home for Christmas day ten years. I honestly can't remember the last time I was home on Christmas day with Mom and Jack.  

Here's the thing:  Christmas is PEAK SEASON in Hawai'i and the airfare is nuts. I found a ticket this year for less than $1000. Not much less, but less than. It was a miracle. But that's only a flight to Honolulu, I still have to get to Maui. Nevermind. It's expensive to want to visit paradise, but for me it's not "paradise", it's where I grew up and my parents still live there and I want to just have a quiet holiday time. 

But aside from all that, I am looking forward to Honolulu with Mom. It's always a great time to go around Honolulu and see all the places she used to go when she was in high school and a young adult, young mom there. Plus all the places I knew from when I was born until I was almost 9. Kahala, Hawai'i Kai, Aina Haina, Royal Circle. We were there together in 2005 for a day with Kurt and we drove around Oahu -- something I haven't done since I was really little.  Mokuleia is a place we went camping once when my mom and dad were still married and for some reason it really stands out -- some of my very earliest memories. (hmmmm, I don't really like camping now...maybe that wasn't such a great trip?)

But it doesn't feel so much like Christmas. My heart's not in it, but I'm so glad to be going home and hanging with mom in on Oahu. Maui will be very very relaxing as well. No plans. Going to bed early (9 or 9:30) and waking up early (5:30? 6am?). I look forward to sitting at the kitchen table, watching the sky brighten up and watching the neighbors all walk down to the beach, half of them looking up to wave. I like that part of small town life.

I'll take photos, I'll write much more. I'll catch up with myself a bit. I'll miss Kurt. I'll rest.