Flying Home Tomorrow
My Maui Welcome Home

On Oahu - We Ate At Zippy's!

I was born on Oahu (at the same hospital as Obama, for those of you keeping score at home) and lived here till just before my 9th birthday. So Oahu and and Honolulu are deep memories for me.  Driving around with Mom yesterday was great. 

We are staying with her friend Dana who just built a new house in Nu'uanu. But if you didn't know it was brand new you would think it was just fixed up. The house fits right in to this old Honolulu neighborhood of Craftsman-esque bungalows. It is the kind of house I would live in in a heartbeat -- TONS of huge windows, surrounded by lush green ginger and ti plants. It's gorgeous.

We spent the morning in Chinatown -- but more on that later -- and then mom and I drove through downtwon, past Iolani Palace, past King Kamehameha, past the HIC, past KGMB (Checkers and Pogo!) past Ala Moana, through Waikiki, over Diamond Head, down to Royal Circle (more on that later as well), quick visit to Emmi and Jimmy's, then on to Hawaii Kai and back, up to Manoa to see my great-grandparent's house (more on that later too) and then back to Dana's.  

Then I treated them to dinner at Zippy's!!
I had the Pork Saimin:
Mom had the fried Mahi Mahi -- love the color scheme. Dana had grilled Mahi, the colors were similar.

Best of all is the menu -- so local!!  I burst out laughing at this photo.  Gawd I love Hawai'i.

Today we are going over the Pali and more driving around Manoa and Nu'uanu.

Betsy, thanks for your comment and I think of you all the time in Honolulu, knowing that if I needed to know a Hawaiian word or phrase, I could always call you!  But I learned a new word this trip:
Ho'omalimali -- to flatter. It came up in regard to my dad...