O Goody!
Chinese New Year's Eve

Friday Catch Up and JPL

I over scheduled myself these last two weeks. They were all good things, doctors appointments, lunches and coffees and dinners with friends, exercising, and cleaning cleaning cleaning. As Monday is the Chinese New Year (or CNY as a friend from Beijing says), I will continue the cleaning today and over the weekend. I do have a few hours of paying work to do this morning first, so I'll get that out of the way as quick as possible.

One of the things I did on Wednesday evening was a Tweetup at JPL.  I had been following the Mars Phoenix Lander on Twitter (you can too) and got caught up with the drama of it's short life span and experiments. I started following other missions as well, (like the Mars Rovers Opportunity and Spirit who both landed on Mars in January 2004 for only a three month mission. They are still going strong five years later!) And then JPL announced a Tweetup and I hovered over my keyboard at the moment you could sign up to go. The evening was inspiring and exciting and never have my tax dollars felt more cool. In the auditorium where we gathered, there was a life sized model of Voyager. Check us out:


Here is the golden map on Voyager that (somehow) shows a map back to our solar system for whomever might find Voyager in the future, way out there.

Voyager 1 and 2 have been out there for 32 years and are at the edge of our solar system and still going. They send back small packets of data now and then. I love the idea of these tiny beacons still voyaging on.

That was a fun night. I'll be writing up more about it on Metblogs this weekend.

Now back to paying work and cleaning!