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Friday Catch Up and JPL

O Goody!

I am amazed at how happy I feel with PRESIDENT OBAMA in office. Gods, I love saying "President Obama"!! I spent the morning at Sarah's for Obamimosas and yummy treats brought by many women who came together to watch this historic moment. Then my New Yorker came today with this cover:

_The First_

The image is called "The First" and is by Drew Friedman. I totally dig it.

I twittered throughout the inauguration, here are some of the highlights:

I am at a friend's watching the events and on the way over was already tearing up!

OMG here we go!!

If I were Obama, I'd be doing cartwheels!

HE's Human and president! (When he stumbled a bit while saying the oath)

I feel like the weight of a man sized safe has been lifted from my shoulders. (if you need the reference, here's a great one.)

Grateful grateful grateful.

Amen Mr. Lowery!!

Maybe now I can finally feel good about bringing children into the world!!

Now for the inauguration luncheon -- is it like a wedding where President Obama and Michelle will have to remember to eat?

Does anyone know what Obama's secret service code name is? 

Today is such an exciting day I almost forgot I'll be going to JPL tomorrow for the tweet up!!

And I'm enjoying watching our new President and his wife dance at various balls and parties. They are vibrant and young and gorgeous and I'm really really pleased. 

Now the real work begins: "Progress, Not Perfection."