Mom and Me at the Pali
Happy February!

Old Honolulu Fun

Sarah B was commenting on an earlier post about Old Honolulu (Old from our small kid time) and mentioned how she hadn't heard "Checkers and Pogo" in ages and then she asked "Do you remember that big slide on Oahu? They used to advertise it all the time -- the kind you rode down on a piece of cloth?" 

Do I ever! That would be the Gibson Sky Slide and it was awesome! There was another one in Waipahu too.


Here is a little C&P for you:

God they are scary looking now!  How many times were you in the audience for that show? I think I went once or twice. So exciting.

In another site I found while looking for images, someone mentioned the San Francisco Rag Shop. That made me think of Jen cuz she always shopped there and I thought she had the coolest clothes ever. Remember the woman who worked at the Maui store with the LONG Hair? 

The same person on that random thread also mentioned a tv commercial for Ponderosa Pines "Call now-for sure!" That creaked my memory disks to life, wow.