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The Number 42

Red Convertible VW Bug

When my mom and dad got divorced, my mom bought a new car. It was 1972, I was five and Jen was about nine. The car my mom bought? A Red Convertible VW Bug. That car was fun fun fun. I was still young enough, small enough to be assigned "the well" -- that little rectangular storage area in the back of any bug. I could only sit there when the top was up, however. Every morning when we lived on Royal Circle, we drove that little guy around the circle of Royal circle, heading out for school drop offs. We took it to Maui when we moved in 1975 and it stayed with us until Mom had made enough money to move on up to a larger car. That was a VW Rabbit. 

Occasionally Mom would see the red Bug on Maui (it is an island after all, and not that big of one, community-wise). And the other day she sent me this photo of a red Bug parked in front of their house (on the road to the beach). Her email read: "Do you suppose.......?" and for the life of me, I can't even clearly explain it now, it made me burst into tears.  I guess because I forgot that that car was also part of my nuclear family unit.  The unit that, including that car, is at 75% now.