Hit By A "3" Meme
This About Says It All

Kissing Brad Pitt*

*In my dreams

I had this long involved dream, not sure if I was in a movie or if it was supposed to be real. I was with this group of people, one of whom was Mr. Pitt. We were all joshing and watching tv and hanging out. But I had to leave to pack and catch a plane. I said good-bye to all, hugs all around, felt a bit awkward about hugging Brad Pitt because, well, he was Brad Pitt. So I'm walking down the sidewalk and he's riding a bike, following me, laughing and chatting and then gets off the bike to say goodbye again, this time giving me a kiss. My heart is racing and I realize that this is going to turn into a real kiss. He wants to keep holding me and kissing me, ME!, oh my god is he opening his mouth slightly? Is this really going to hap--WE INTERRUPT THIS DREAM TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE CAT LYING ON THE BED IS PREPARING TO THROW UP!!! Then (in real life) Kurt starts wildly flailing his feet, trying to find the cat to push her off the bed so at least her barf will be on the floor, not on the comforter. This actually made me laugh because he couldn't find her and got more agitated. Finally the cat was on the floor, but Brad was long gone.

UPDATE: I just told this whole thing to Kurt and he started laughing too and said, "Total cockblock."